Today is Wednesday 17th July 2019.
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June 2016


From an article published on the Mail online 5 May 2015 - one woman's story about symptoms that were missed until it was too late and she lost the sight of one eye. Please don't let it happen to anyone else.

Headaches that may mean you are about to go blind

Read more HERE 


An excellent day on 19th April - quite a buzz around the room. Our first speaker, Dr Neil Basu, has provided a copy of his presentation on fatigue which I attach HERE. It is probably one of those occasions when 'you had to be there' because some of the slides make little sense without the dialogue but the fact that the importance of managing fatigue is now being researched is good news.

Some delightful feedback on Healthunlocked "What a lovely meeting, so nice to actually speak to people on the same path as myself, some at the start and some well into the journey, informative talks from the two Drs and a welcome buffet lunch. I have never ventured to any meetings or groups before but after such a positive experience will be going in the future. Thoroughly recommend  such support groups to any others hesitating. Thanks to all the organisers who put in a lot of time and effort for our benefit". As the writers all have handles, I don't know who wrote this but THANK YOU! Someone else said 'Yes I was there too (my first time) and really enjoyed it. Definitely plan to go next year!' and yet a third 'You don't have to wait till next year.  PMR GCA Scotland run regular meetings, no not like the AGM but good meetings.  All the details can be found on their website.'

Of course there are meetings all over the UK, not just in Scotland - but we do provide links.

Very few photographs this year - just this one of the two visitors from the North East of England (Lynne Boyle and Margaret Wright), one from the North West (Anne Chambers), our founder Jean Miller and me (Bea Nicholson - the tall one in the middle).