Today is Saturday 19th January 2019.
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Other PMR&GCA Charities and Groups

PMRGCAuk (Registered Charity No: 1128723)

Address: BM PMRGCAuk London WC1N 3XX 
Tel: 0300 111 5090 (Helpline)
Tel: 0300 999 5090 (General Information)

Follow THIS LINK for Location and contact details for support groups and meet ups in England (except the North of England), Northern Ireland and Wales:

PMR&GCA UK North East Support (Registered Charity No.1138409) 
Mavis Smith - 01914 111 138

Follow THIS LINK for details about meetings in Gateshead or Middlesbrough.

PMRGCA North West Support Group
Telephone: 01942 895806

Please call or email North West for meeting details