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Rules of the Edgar Stene Prize

Rules of the Edgar Stene Prize
Version: July 2011

Article 1 - Name and Aim
The designation chosen by the European League against Rheumatism (EULAR) "Edgar Stene Prize" is expressly approved by the Norwegian patient organisation (Norsk Revmatiker Forbund).
The object of the prize is to stimulate the interest of the many people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) in the work of EULAR and especially in the work of their national organisation. It has been established in honor of the memory of the late Edgar Stene who himself had severe ankylosing
spondylitis. He was a great promoter of co-operation between doctors, patients and community workers.

Article 2 - Nature of Entries
The prize will be awarded every year to the best essay contribution submitted by a person with a RMD describing his or her individual experience with living with this disease. Entries may cover such aspects as the patient's view of the way the disease is fought, social welfare, the influence of the disease on family life and
work, etc. The topic of the upcoming essay contest will be announced by EULAR on the EULAR website.

Article 3 - Value and Awarding of the Prize
The value of the prize will be EUR 2,000 and will be offered by EULAR. The prize will be awarded on the occasion of the Annual European Congress of Rheumatology. EULAR will cover hotel accommodation for 4 nights at the Congress venue and the travelling expenses.

Article 4 - Conditions of Entry
Entry is open to any person with a rheumatic disease (minimum age of 16 years). Employees of the national patient organisations or scientific leagues/societies are excluded. Entries are to be submitted to the national EULAR member patient organisation by 31 December 2011. Entries can be submitted in the respective
national languages and should not exceed 2 pages (typewritten, Arial 12 point, single line space, adequate frames). All entries have to be submitted as WORD documents. PDF files will not be accepted.
The national patient organisations shall submit the best entry in the respective national language by e-mail to the EULAR Secretariat by 22 January 2012 at the latest.

Entries submitted to the EULAR Secretariat must contain the following information:
• E-mail address / contact telephone number of author
• E-mail address / contact telephone number of liaison person of national league submitting the entry to help facilitate contact with author
• 1-4 personal photographs of author and related to theme, headshot
• Information about the author: age, profession, family situation, home town, how he or she learned about the Stene Prize and why chose to participate in the essay contest
• Permission from the author of the essay to be published

Article 5 - Composition of the Jury
The Jury shall comprise five voting members, of whom not more than two shall be doctors, appointed by the EULAR Standing Committee of PARE. The EULAR Vice-President representing national PARE organisations and the Chairperson of the Standing Committee of PARE shall be ex-officio members of the Jury. Both
members have no voting rights. A Jury shall be appointed for each prize and no member may sit more than twice in succession.

Article 6 - Awarding of the Prize
The Stene Prize shall be awarded by an absolute majority decision. If no entry is judged worthy of the prize then it shall not be awarded. The winning contribution and the other entries may be published after the presentation of the prize in whatever form the author, the national organisation or EULAR may decide.
No legal or other objection to the majority decision of the Jury is possible. Any discussions or correspondence concerning the decision are excluded.

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